Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

- Salvatore Ferragamo -

The Bespoke Concept

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken.  Not only are elegance and comfort compatible, there isn’t any other way by which shoes should be measured.



As with our  clothing, the basis of both elegance and comfort for bespoke shoes begins with the measurements. During your initial consultation, we’ll work on a number of important details, including the measurement of your feet (and calves for aficionados of boots) We will ask you when you’ll be wearing the shoes, and about any pre-existing foot conditions you may have. It is crucial to both the fit and design of the shoe for us to be aware of  pre-existing conditions, previous surgeries, or if you wear orthopedic inserts. Since each shoe is made  to measure, your orthopedic inserts need to be at the initial consultation, so your shoes accommodate both your feet and your inserts.

These measurements (along with the design, see below) are used to create a customer last, a wooden mold of your feet. The shoes are built around the last. These  are kept on file (pending any necessary adjustments, see fitting below) for  future orders of bespoke shoes. The lasts are on file for up to two years from the most recent order, after which they are stripped and returned to their original size and shape.



After initial measurements and any pre-existing foot conditions are discussed, the fun part begins — design. We encourage you to bring out the real you in the design of your shoes. Within the shop are a number of stock samples and patterns  you can base your design on. However we also  work with photos or drawings as well as long as you are clear on all of the design elements you want. We willinglhy share our expertise and experience to accommodate both  aesthetic direction and necessary comfort in each pair.



At least one fitting is required to assess the accuracy of your lasts. Any minor adjustments  needed are addressed  during the fitting, and will  be noted to adjust your last. In the rare event the adjustments are too great to be realistically applied to the shoes, we will  remake the shoes with the same detail specifications and apply the necessary adjustments taken from the fitting. We want our clientele to be comfortable and satisfied with their shoes and we guarantee the fit of each pair.