A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.

- Sir Hardy Aimes -

When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. That’s charm.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald -

The Bespoke Concept

Our process begins with a handshake as you walk through the doors. With each pull of the measuring tape and subsequent measurement, the  idea of your garment begins to take shape. As you select fabric and other details, the design materializes. Reality sets in — this garment is for you and only you.



Al’s Attire proudly offers the finest fabrics from all corners of the world. The correct fabric is essential for a garment to properly compliment your style and figure. A poor fabric choice, either with the color, the fibre content or the weave, can make even the best tailored of garments unbecoming.  For  this reason, we have a vast selection of the highest quality fabrics for all of our bespoke pieces.




Numerous fittings are key to the bespoke experience. Each fitting provides us with a wealth of knowledge about the client. They reveal what does and does not work for a client; what kind of fabrics drape best on their body type; where seams are taken in to shape and where the garment is  let out to allow for a more natural fit. To some, fittings can be a nuisance or inconvenience. However, the extra time and care ensures the garment compliments you and your body shape.

We require at least two fittings to ensure proper fit for each bespoke piece.



 We keep the patterns, measurements, and detailed notes for each client on file for future garments. Our goal is a lasting relationship with you, not simply a garment for a one-time event. As your relationship with us grows, so will your personal style. We are here to help you create your own image, one of  confidence and style. Look in the mirror, raise your glass and toast yourself. That was made for you!



As with any  bespoke or made-to-measure product, your garments are only be dry cleaned. While there are exceptions with different fabrics and designs, our products including suits, coats, overcoats, shirts, and slacks should not be washed or dried under any circumstances. These garments are made of fine materials with extreme care. Additional washing, drying, or treating, outside of approved methods and substance, can alter the fit or finish of your clothing. Garments should be kept in a cool, dry, place, and when possible, in a plastic or fabric garment bag to protect them from possible  damage.